002: How to Gift to Grow Your Business – Deb Brown

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Podcast with Deb Brown, founder of TouchYourClientsHeart.com



Hey #SheroEntrepreneur!

Does your business touch your client’s heart and make them fall in love with you?

What a perfect topic to tackle for the month of love – February!

On this episode of the Money, Marketing and Freedom Secrets Podcast, We are discussing the very rarely talked about strategy of gifting to grow your business.

We all like getting gifts. It makes us feel special, loved and appreciated. But can gifting actually grow your business?

Well, today we’re going to find out by speaking with Shero Entrepreneur Deb Brown Founder of TouchYourClientsHeart.com.

Deb has created a business out of helping business owners learn the art of giving meaningful gifts to grow their business.

I’m so grateful, because Deb was the very first to say YES to doing this podcast and we had a lot of fun. Here are some quick highlights to give you just a taste of the brilliance she shared on the show…

Her Superpower:

Helping her clients to put a personal touch on virtual relationships.

Ah-Ha Moment:

My aha moment was learning that giving gifts with your logo on it is not for your client, it is advertising for you and not something that will make your client remember or appreciate you.

Common Gifting Mistakes:

These were great! I learned a lot. If I had not spoken with Deb, I would have made all of these…lol…

  • Not gifting at all
  • Gifting branded products
  • Gifting consumable items like food

Best/Worst Gift Ever Received:

  • Best: A notebook – See why here
  • Worst: Make-up kit given by her mom – This was funny but a very good lesson was tied to this you can learn from.

Key Take Away(s):

  •  Gifting is not just a nice thing to do. It helps you lock in loyal, returning and referring clients.
  • Give thoughtful and memorable gifts.

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 Connect with Deb:

Kenya is a mom of 3 boys & a Hands Free Marketing Strategist. She helps purpose driven women who want to launch or grow profitable online platforms to create hands-free and passive profit systems that enable them to master all the moving pieces of their online business so they can be free to enjoy life and serve the people who need them, while making a good living doing what they love.

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