[Template] How to Create a Standard Operating Procedure for Your Online Business


Hey #SheroEntrepreneur! You probably know you need content to market your business. But, did you know you need content to manage your business? Yep, it’s true! Creating content to help you manage your business behind the scenes is often overlooked. But, it’s the main reason that keeping up with the activities needed to market on the “front end” is so … Read More

5 Things You Need to Know Before Hiring Your Virtual Team

Kenya Halliburton Hiring for Online Business

Hey SheroEntrepreneur! Are you ready to hire someone to help you get things done in your online business? Do you want to hire someone, but the idea of training them keeps you a slave to doing it all yourself? Have you wasted time and money on hiring the WRONG help that did nothing to move your business forward? If you … Read More

How to Create a Free Offer That Makes People Actually Want to Buy From You


“Lead Magnet”, “Freemium”,  “Freebie”, “Ethical Bribe”, “Free Gift”, “Opt-In Offer”, “Pink Spoon”, “The Toothpick” (Okay, I just made that one up)… My point is, it goes by many names but the concept is the same. Offer something of value for free in exchange for your ideal client’s contact information. Sounds simple right? Well, it used to be that simple. Nowadays, … Read More

Freedom Resource: Using Post Cron to Schedule Updates to Facebook Events

Scheduling Updates to Post Cron

Look… Wanna increase attendance for your virtual events? A tool let’s you schedule updates to Facebook… Click To Tweet Hey SheroEntrepreneur! Have you advertised your webinar using a Facebook Event and had hundreds of sign ups only to find you and your best friend on the call? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could pre-schedule updates, videos, tips and images to … Read More

Do I REALLY Need a Website to Make Money Online?

Do I Really Need a Website - Kenya Halliburton

Hey ACTIONista! Great question! With all the hype of the new live streaming  apps like Blab, Periscope and Meerkat, plus the lingering popularity of other social networks. There is a growing consensus among many social media savvy experts that websites are dead. But are they really? And, do you REALLY need one to make money online? The answer is both yes … Read More

6 Business Gifting Mistakes that Can Cost You Business and Make You Forgettable

Hey Shero Entrepreneur, Do you know how to make your clients fall in love with you and buy from you again and again? Apparently, giving your clients cool and thoughtful gifts will do the trick. Who would’ve thunk it? However, there are some caveats to wooing your customers with gifts. Choosing the wrong gift can make you just as forgettable … Read More