MMFS 020: Passive Marketing vs. Active Marketing – Which is Better?

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MMFS 020: Passive Marketing v. Active Marketing – Which is Better? | Kenya Halliburton

Passive Marketing vs. Active Marketing – Which is Better? Can you guess? Click To Tweet Hey #SheroEntrepreneur! A post I read on Facebook inspired this week’s episode. The conversation was based on two schools of thought…those that embrace “passive” forms of marketing and those that favor “active” marketing. It’s the difference between seeking out your ideal clients and customers or … Read More

MMFS 018: How to Handle Unsubscribes Like a BossLady

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money marketing and freedom secrets podcast 018| Kenya Halliburton

Hey #SheroEntrepreneur! Have you ever got your cape all in a bunch because someone unsubscribed from your list? So, your subscriber wants to break up with you. And you want to know why! Why? Was it something you said, didn’t say or do? Suddenly you find yourself stalking them. Who have you become? Are we still talking about email marketing … Read More

MMFS 017: 3 Practical Ways to Life-Proof Your Business

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Life-proof your business with Kenya Halliburton

Hey #SheroEntrepreneur! What do you do when life’s unpredictable moments interrupt your best intentions to do the things it takes to build your dream business? Has an unexpected illness ever caused you to disappear from your business? Have you ever had an abusive relationship blow up your life just when you were starting to get some traction? Do you struggle to … Read More

010| How to Rock the Brand of You w/ Catrice Jackson

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Listen Hey Shero Entrepreneur! Do you have stage fright? Are you shrinking, hiding, playing small…stuffing yourself in little boxes, tucking your light away in ideas that ping, pong around in your head, playing hide and seek with your greatness? Well, it’s time to UNLEASH the REAL you, show UP, SHINE – and Rock the Brand of You! ~ Catrice Jackson, … Read More