[Content Creation Challenge] Create 4 Purpose Driven Blog Posts

Blogging for business… It’s one of those things you wish you could do without doing. I mean you have a lot you want to say, but saying a bunch of profound stuff without getting anything out of it sucks. I mean, what’s up with that whole “givers gain” thing? Isn’t that like one of the laws of physics or something?

I’m kidding, of course.

Blogging to boost your bank account requires many layers, but in this video I just want to give you a small sneak peek into the content creation muscles you’ll need to build, if you’ve been struggling with your blogging activities.

In this week’s video you’ll learn:

  • Why blogging helps makes it easy for customers to buy from you
  • 5 steps for creating your purpose driven blog articles
  • One of my favorite strategies for cranking out content your dream customers actually want to take action on
  • And a few more valuable nuggets to help you rock this challenge…

Are You Up for the Challenge?

Take a look and if you decided to do this, join my #SheroSquad in our Facebook community to share your results!

To your success, joy and freedom,

Kenya Halliburton Content Marketing Strategist

Kenya is a mom of 3 boys & a Hands Free Marketing Strategist. She helps purpose driven women who want to launch or grow profitable online platforms to create hands-free and passive profit systems that enable them to master all the moving pieces of their online business so they can be free to enjoy life and serve the people who need them, while making a good living doing what they love.