Come join us for our next GOal Get It! Social. 

You Are Limitless...

We believe this so deeply we had to put it in our name. Forget the “sky is the limit,” you can be, do and have anything you desire. And as a Goal Girl you will be able to unlock your limitless potential. 


Who Is Goal Girl Unlimited?

Goal Girl Unlimited is a new community of Collaborative Workshops taught by local Women Influencers and Entrepreneurs.

It was founded in 2019 by 3 local women entrepreneurs who wanted to find a fun and engaging way to connect the brilliant experts in the community with the women who need them!

Make Goal Friends & Crush A Your Goals!

Not Just Another Networking & Empowerment Meeting...

We LOVE women’s empowerment just like the next girl,  but there are already some dope Local Girl Bosses (wink, wink) crushin’ it with this format. We wanted to create something to compliment these events and give women an opportunity to take action on the mood and knowledge they receive from them. 

Why Become a Goal Girl

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We’re powerful alone and better together!

Our mission is to make it easy for women to access the hands on education and resources they need to create lives and businesses they love. Whether you’re attending or hosting a workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to engage in networking and hands-on learning that will transform your life and business for the better.

How It Works

Attend a Monthly "Goal Get It" Social

Monthly "GOal Get It!" Sessions

Each month will Kick Off with a fun interactive meet-up for some GOAL TALK, networking and inspiring exercises. introducing other women who may be interested in joining to the club.

Choose a Monthly Workshop to Attend

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Throughout each month Goal Girl Guides will host 2 hour hands on workshops on various topics related to mind, body and business. Choose the one that lights you up.

What's So Cool About
Being a Goal Girl?

What's So Cool About
Being a Goal Guide?

Featured Workshops

Kenya Halliburton

Online Content &
Business Choreographer

Get Your Life, Grow Your Business, Girl!

Are you an emerging women entrepreneur with BIG ambitions & a complicated life? Come learn the fundamentals of building a life-friendly online business that frees you to do more of what you love and live the life you want WHILE making the money you deserve.

Beverly Jones-Durr

Author, Speaker
& Book Coach

Aspiring Author Workshop

Want to write that book but don’t know where to start? Take the mystery out of the writing process and get that book out of your head and into the world.  Come learn how to fulfill your dream of becoming a published author. 

Glenda Jones

Plant Based Personal Chef

"Pamper Me Healthy" Workshop

Are you living to eat or eating to live? Eating healthy doesn’t have to feel dreadful or like a chore. Join Chef Glenda for fun cooking and nutrition classes and learn how to pamper yourself healthy, happy and whole. 

Choose the perfect plan

Hey Girl! Are You Ready to Take the Limits Off?

“Put your money where your mind is!” ~ Nicky Verd …There’s no greater investment that investing in yourself. Choose one of the options below to unlock your potential and soar int limitless abundance for your life and business.

Test the Waters


Per workshop

No commitment. Attend any workshop you want, anytime for $25 a pop! 

Become a
Goal Girl Unlimited


Per month

Come learn, network, teach and grow with other like-minded Goal Friends. 

And yes, you can cancel anytime!

Got Questions?

Each GGU workshop is at least 2 hours. Workshop experts may choose to do longer workshops, but 2 hours is standard.

We want you to be inspired, motivated and equipped to achieve your goals. Workshops offer attendees expert guidance and practical “hands-on” experience that can immediately be applied in life and business. 

First of all…yayeeee! We’re so happy you’re interested in lending your genius to our community. To become a Goal Girl workshop instructor, the best thing to do is attend one of 

1. Attend a “Goal Get It” Social 
2. Invest in a Goal Girl Membership
3. Email and our team will get back with you to schedule a chat.

It varies. GGU collaborates with local event venues and establishments to host our workshops. 

GGU absorbs the cost of promoting and setting up the workshop venue for our hosts. As a result we need to cover these expenses. Hosts are encouraged to also promote their event to fill seats in their workshop.

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The Workshops

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