MMFS 020: Passive Marketing vs. Active Marketing – Which is Better?

MMFS 020: Passive Marketing v. Active Marketing – Which is Better? | Kenya Halliburton

Hey #SheroEntrepreneur!

A post I read on Facebook inspired this week’s episode.

The conversation was based on two schools of thought…those that embrace “passive” forms of marketing and those that favor “active” marketing.

It’s the difference between seeking out your ideal clients and customers or positioning yourself so they find you.

I’ve seen this battle play out before and figured, Hey! Why not add my two cents to the mix. 🙂

So, there are three types of people in this online space:

  • Those who market passively via blogging, social media marketing, video marketing, etc…
  • Those who market actively via in-person networking, cold-calling, live streaming, virtual networking, etc…
  • And, those who combine both via an interview based podcast, blog or video show…

Which one are you?

And, which is better for growing your business?

Join me for a snack-able chat about these little talked about distinctions that may change the way you view marketing your business, for the better.

Plus, learn how to implement a passive marketing system that will free you to actively market or do other things you love.

To Your Success Joy and Freedom,

Kenya Halliburton

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Kenya is a mom of 3 boys & a Hands Free Marketing Strategist. She helps purpose driven women who want to launch or grow profitable online platforms to create hands-free and passive profit systems that enable them to master all the moving pieces of their online business so they can be free to enjoy life and serve the people who need them, while making a good living doing what they love.