The Entertainer
A.K.A. : The Jester/ Comedian/ Performer
Motto: Life is short, so have fun!

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the “Entertainer” type. You’re as brilliant as you are funny.  Enthusiastic, expressive and self-deprecating…you bring a joy-filled flair to your teaching. Your humor-infused instruction makes for light-hearted fun and playful learning experiences. You may even have a pretty sizeable following that you aren’t fully leveraging as much as you’d like.

You have a knack for pointing out the silly parts of life and this comical teaching style is actually quite effective at getting people to results quickly.

You usually have an organic order and flow to your delivery and your fun personality makes learning feel easy.    

With a dab of structure and polished packaging of what comes naturally to you, you’ll easily have a hit course in no time. 

But the process can’t feel boring or drawn out, because who has time for that? 


  • Your Goal: To use the joy of humor and play to create fun and light-hearted learning experiences to help students accomplish their learning goals.

  • Core desire: to live in the moment with full enjoyment

  • Greatest fear: being bored or boring others

  • Course Crashers:Frivolity, wasting time

  • What Students FEEL: Playful, “I love life,” giddy, energetic, entertained, amused

  • Curriculum Creation Style: Structured and Fun – You value structure and results.

    All you really need is a good course outline and you can knock it out the park. You’d benefit from working collaboratively with a course developer to help you package and polish your brilliance.

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