The Explorer
A.K.A. : The Trailblazer/ Adventurer/ Pioneer/ Seeker
Motto: (Y.O.L.O.) You Only Live Once!

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the “Explorer” type. You bring an open-minded, resourceful and tolerant flair to your teaching. Fuelled by a potent inner drive and wanderlust,  your learning experiences take students on a journey to understanding themselves more deeply.

You’re an active free spirit ready to seek out new experiences and escape the mundane.  

Your content is momentous and exciting just like you. 

Any course you create can’t feel boring or ho-hum. However, you need some sort of structure to ensure your students actually get results.


  • Your Goal: To help students discover the most authentic expression of their desires, purpose, or taste.

  • Core desire: find or create freedom

  • Greatest fear: being trapped. Conformity.

  • Course Crashers: Aimless. Spontaneous content masquerading as a course.

  • What Students FEEL: Alive, adventurous and limitless
  • Curriculum Creation Style:Fun and Done”  You like spontaneity sprinkled with structure.  The best strategy will be to have your content drawn out interview style so you don’t see the structure and you can just flow and go.
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