The Girl/Guy Next Door
A.K.A. : The BFF/ Realist/ Good Neighbor
Motto: Let's do this together!

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the loveable “Girl or Guy Next Door” type. You bring a “down-to-earth” quality to your teaching. Your realism, empathy and lack of pre-tense makes for a learning experience that feels like real talk with a best friend.

But if you don’t own who you are, the pressure to be accepted as one of the “cool kid” experts can cause you to over-deliver and burn yourself out as well as overwhelm your students with too much information.

Although some of this is due to perfectionism, you may also hold back due to the fear of someone stealing your ideas and concepts.

You are “high-key” brilliant. But your hi-level of intelligence is perfectly balanced by your “quirky-ness and gift of the “common touch.”

Order and structure is your jam. But, you don’t always have the luxury of clarity to weave your ideas and concepts together coherently.


  • Your Goal: To use your empathy and transparency to provide practical instruction to help your students feel capable of realizing their dreams.

  • Core desire: connection

  • Greatest fear: that your course content isn’t good enough

  • Course Crashers: burnout, over-delivering, losing yourself in an effort to blend in or be seen as an “expert”

  • What Students FEEL: understood, seen, accepted, “If he/she can do it, I can too.”

  • Curriculum Creation Style: Structured & Practical – You are pretty flexible when it comes to content delivery.

    A good scripted course outline will keep you from over-delivering or getting carried away with tangents. Just be sure to practice so you don’t loose your charming personality. 

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