The Innocent
A.K.A. : The Saint/ Idealist/ Purist/ Cheerleader
Motto: “Keep it simple!"

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re “The Innocent.” As an Innocent, you win over your audience with with simple, honest and positive communication.  You bring simplicity and a cheerful flair to your teaching. Due to your honest and wholesome delivery, students tend to feel safe and comfortable their your learning experiences. 

You like things done right and your fear of doing something wrong or getting tangled up in complicated tech makes simple content systems your best friend. Once you lock into a system that works, you rarely part from it.

However your need for order and simplicity may make you resistant to innovations that may create richer and more engaging learning experiences.


  • Your Goal: To be and create happiness through simplicity.

  • Core desire: To create things of enduring value
  • Greatest fear: Doing something wrong

  • Course Crashers: Paralysis from fear of “tech” or doing something wrong
  • What Students FEEL: Peaceful, capable and optimistic
  • Curriculum Creation Style: Simple & concise – A good course outline will provide you with the confidence you need to produce a course you’re proud to teach and sell.
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