The Innocent
A.K.A. : The Saint/ Idealist/ Purist/ Cheerleader
Motto: “I can do this!”

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re “The Innocent.” As an Innocent, you win over your audience with with simple, honest and positive communication.  You bring a cheerful flair to your teaching. But you can be a content hoarder. You are likely to have completed workshops and programs on your hard drive no one has ever seen or heard of. Although some of this is due to perfectionism, you may also hold back due to the fear of someone stealing your ideas and concepts. 

You know yourself and your creative process really well. You also tend to be highly connected spiritually and sensitive to your connection.

So, when it comes to following templates, your “know-it-all-ness”, “creativity”  or spiritual epiphanies often tempt you to resist following other methods.

You like order and structure, but not at the expense of your creativity and natural self-expression.


  • Your Goal: To be and create happiness.


  • Core desire: to create things of enduring value

  • Greatest fear: mediocre vision or execution

  • Course Crashers: paralysis from fear of doing something wrong

  • What Students FEEL: joyful and encouraged
  • Curriculum Creation Style: Simple & concise – A good course outline will provide you with the confidence you need to produce a course you’re proud to teach and sell.
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