The Maverick
A.K.A. : The Misfit/ Outlaw/ Rebel/ iconoclast
Motto: Rules are made to be broken

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the “Maverick” type. Candid, raw, honest, you bring a “shock-to-the system” energy to your teaching. Your “tell-it-like-it-TIS” delivery, makes for a captivating and electrifying learning experience that causes your students to stand up, shout and do what needs to be done.

Your call is to touch on subjects that to some may feel outrageous or controversial. But you’re so unbothered. Your life’s experiences have called you to such a time as this.  You won’t back down because you’re on a mission to help people experience radical freedom.

Every-time you speak, you drop a sermon. And even your tangents are Masterclasses people would pay for. 

However, it’s important to you that you package your messaging in a way that is practical and actionable because… you want the revolution to be televised! 


  • Your Goal: To disrupt the regular program and empower and equip students to overturn what isn’t working. To achieve freedom from the establishment and challenge the status quo.
  • Core desire: revenge, change, revolution, liberation, independence
  • Greatest fear: conformity, dependence, powerlessness

  • Course Crashers: getting too far ahead of yourself, overwhelmed by the tech, unrealistic expectations, trying to do too much too fast
  • What Students FEEL: rebellious, “Other people are wrong,” stimulated, thrilled, tenacious, impulsive, uncommon
  • Curriculum Creation Style: “Wind me Up”- You don’t need much. A simple outline so you feel focused and on message will do.

    Delegating the tech and overall packaging of your course would be ideal so your big bold message doesn’t get stuck in idle mode.

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