The Royal
A.K.A. : The Executive/ Ruler/Politician/Boss
Motto: Pursue Excellence and reward your achievements

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the “Royal” type. You are a polished speaker, with a dominant and authoritative teaching style that inspires awe and  commands admiration.

You’re articulate, refined and poised in your presentation.

You appreciate a polished and professional learning experience.  You have “drip” as the kids say. 

Quality presentation of your course material (reflective of your level and status) is paramount. 


  • Your Goal:  To leverage your authority and lead students to become prosperous and successful.

  • Core desire: power, success, prosperity

  • Greatest fear: losing influence/control 

  • Course Crashers: Trouble connecting with student’s on their level.

  • What Students FEEL: Awe and sure that if they follow you, they’ll share in your success.

  • Curriculum Creation Style:Polished Professional”  You can benefit from a clear and scripted outline that balances your authority with relate-ability.
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