The Sage
A.K.A. : The Expert/ Thinker/ Philosopher/ Teacher
Motto: The Truth Shall Set You Free!

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the wise “Sage” type. A charismatic and divinely inspired speaker, your wisdom and intelligence shines through your teaching style. Your learning experiences inspire knowledge seeking, self-reflection and a desire to understand thought processes.

You’re spiritually connected, so the value just pours out of you.

You appreciate order and structure but too much of it dampens your potency and shuts you down. But, it’s a catch-22 because you need it to create an effective course that positions you as a sought after thought leader.

You’ll abandon ship. If it doesn’t feel natural you’ll either abandon the project all together or you’ll push through it and do it your way leaving you with powerful content but a lacklustre course.


  • Your Goal: To use intelligence and analysis to understand the world and help your students find, embrace and express their truth.

  • Core desire: finding truth

  • Greatest fear: being duped, misled—or ignorance

  • Course Crashers: know-it-all-ness, acting fast at the expense of strategy or structure

  • What Students FEEL: Educated, “in the know,” wise, “I understand,” engrossed

  • Curriculum Creation Style:Let me do me.”  You are so organic and spiritually connected that putting too much structure around you will stop your flow and effectiveness.

     The best strategy will be to have your content drawn out interview style so you don’t see the structure and you can just the flow.


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