The Servant Teacher
A.K.A. : The Caregiver/ Martyr/ Helper/ Advocate
Motto: Love your neighbour as yourself

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re the “Servant Teacher” type. Your compassion and generosity shines through your teaching style. Your learning experiences feel considerate, thoughtful, and kind.

You like to make learning enjoyable even fun for your students.

You are empathetic, generous, and committed. You serve your students by putting the focus on them and their needs. 

But underneath your self-less servitude, lies a secret desire to feel validated and appreciated for your efforts. 

Questions like, “Will people really buy this?,” play on your mind.

Without a clear structure to organize the flow of your ideas, you may become so obsessed with being seen as a “credible expert” by your students that you question the “enough-ness” of your knowledge.

This can cause you to spiral into perfectionism and imposter syndrome that causes your course development to stall or get scrapped all together.

For you, seeing is believing. You need to see and feel confident that people will get their needs met from your course. 


  • Your Goal: To use your empathy to nurture and support the learning needs of students.

  • Core desire: to protect and care for the learning needs of others

  • Greatest fear: failing to be helpful, waisted time, energy and effort

  • Course Crashers: martyrdom through overdelivering and being exploited, overthinking, breakdown of mind or body

  • What Students FEEL: loved, taken care of, safe, “I’m not alone in this,” secure, thankful

  • Curriculum Creation Style:Structure and Flow”  You need to believe in what you’re teaching in order to confidently teach it. 

    A detailed or heavily scripted outline and course plan will elevate your concerns about whether your efforts will lead to real results for you and your students – AND, give you the confidence you need to power through.

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