The (S)Hero
A.K.A. : The Champion/ Warrior/ Rescuer
Motto: We all have the power to win!

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re a “(S)Hero.” You have tons of success and experience with coaching or implementing under your belt. Competent and courageous, you bring a motivational flair to your teaching. You usually have a large following but haven’t been able to leverage the passive income generating potential. You want your course to be valuable & professional, but you’re willing to get it out there in imperfect phases.

 You tend to be very disciplined and have a BIG vision for your brand and business. You crush execution and move in a “Get it done” energy. Ideally you’d rather delegate the course development process.

When your boundaries and values are in alignment you are a balanced delegator – who wisely outsources your course creation project to produce the quality you want to be known for.

But out of alignment, you delegate in a spirit of stress creating a chaos that shows up in your learning experience as disjointed and overwhelming to your students. 

Above all, you want a well organized course that represents your thought leadership and produces transformation for your students.


  • Your Goal: To teach people to improve their lives/businesses through expert mastery and courageousness.

  • Core desire: to help people find their inner power one courageous step at a time.

  • Greatest fear: playing small, not making significant impact, too many refund requests

  • Course Crashers: being a “busy body,” bottleneck, taking on too much, body or mind giving out

  • What Students FEEL: inspired, strong, “I can overcome this challenge with massive action,” empowered, determined, motivated

  • Curriculum Creation Style:  Collaborative Delegation – You’d happily invest in the right guidance and support to create your course.

    You’re flexible, you can rock with an outline or a script. You ultimately just want to get it done and are open to the most efficient way to make it happen.

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