The Magician
A.K.A. : The catalyst, inventor, intuitive
Motto: Make it happen!

Understanding Your Course Creation Personality...

Based on the way you answered your questions, it looks like you’re “The Magician” type. An articulate, charismatic and divinely inspired teacher, your thirst for knowledge and vision shines through your teaching style. Your moving learning experiences inspire a thirst for knowledge and transformation in your students.

You appreciate order and structure because transformation demands a process.

However, you aren’t always willing to share your secrets of transformation.

You need a system for unpacking your information so that your students get transformational steps they can follow.


  • Your Goal: To teach people how to use the laws of the universe to make dreams come true.
  • Core desire: Knowledge and transformation
  • Greatest fear: stagnation, doubt, uncertainty


  • Course Crashers: Overthinking, Struggle to explain ideas
  • What Students FEEL: “I want to experience that.”
  • Curriculum Creation Style:Let me do me.”  You are so organic and spiritually connected that putting too much structure around you will stop your flow and effectiveness.

     The best strategy will be to have your content drawn out interview style so you don’t see the structure and you can just the flow.

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